RCHIVE Welcome to the AFVN Audio Archive. Here is where we will be keeping all of the audio files here on Below is the current list of audio files. Enjoy.

"Town and Country"
Length: 31 min 22.7 sec
This is an afternoon Country and Western show from Saigon. If you want to here some of the country and western from back in Vietnam, here it is. Thanks to Don Cotterell for sending in this piece.
"Dawn Buster"
Length: 39 min 15.3 sec
This show was made famous in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" starring the late Robin Williams, who portrays Adrian Cronauer. The show was hosted by John Allgood. Thanks to Don Cotterell for sending in this piece.
"End of An Era"
Length: 16 min 18.6 sec
This is a capsule history of AFVN from Rex Hotel to #9 Hong Tap Tu. The Detachments are described, too, as well as the devastating loss of the Hue Detachment during Tet 1968. Thanks to Don Cotterell for this one.
"Outtakes and Bloopers"
Length: 31 min 16.5 sec
This is a cut of outtakes and bloopers from AFVN. Take note of Joey Bishop cutting a promo for Dawn Buster host Pat Sajack at about 10 minutes into this. Thanks to John Hounslow for sending in this piece.
"Air Force Captain Interview"
Length: 5 min 29.7 sec
Several months ago on the list server, someone posted a transcript of the interview of an Air Force Captain's interview, as interpreted by a Public Affairs Officer. Lou Waters provided a tape of the interview. It's a hoot!
"1Lt. Bruce Wahl"
Length: 59 min 57 sec
Here is the late night radio show that Bruce Wahl did while with AFVN Pleiku. He did it one night in Pleiku and was the only radio show he did during his tour with AFVN. Thanks to Bruce for sending in this one.
Length: 59 min 57 sec
John Hounslow's farewell news tape. Everyone was trying to break him up with "dummy scripts" and other dastardly ploys. Pretty funny to listen to. Thanks to John Hounslow for this one.
"1968 A.D.- A Year In The Life Of Man"
Length: 54 min 35.8 sec
This is an end of the year news documentry highlighting the year 1968. It is introduced by now deceased Garry W. Gears. It full of information about 1968.

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