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"OASU Flying "Mercy Missions' In Vietnam" - article from Pax River TESTER dated Nov 5, 1965 talking about Blue Eagle I deploying to Vietnam to do relay broadcast of World Series. The mercy mission, of course, was bringing baseball to the troops.
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"Blue Eagle news photos from Andrews AFB" - newspaper clipping, probably from Pax River TESTER showing shot of Blue Eagle I and inside shot of one of the TV birds during construction at Andrews during Oct/Nov 65 time frame. Photos credited to Washington Post.
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"Patuxent Planes Carry TV to Troops in Vietnam" - newspaper clipping fromlate (probably December) 1965 talking about Blue Eagle I being deployed toVietnam to Broadcast the World Series.
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"AFRT Broadcast Schedule" - radio and TV broadcast schedule showing theTV shows that we broadcast to US troops in Vietnam. Schedule was probably printed in one of the local Saigon papers in early 1966. AFRT was the station call used by American Forces broadcasting from Jan 66 to July 66. After that point in time, AFRT became AFVN when the network was being established to provide coverage for all of South Vietnam.
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"Television Comes To Vietnam" - article from the OASU Times dated March 1, 1966 talking about the establishment of TV broadcasting in South Vietnam and a quote by Rep Charles Chamberlain R-Mich discussing the value of providing TV broadcasts to the South Vietnamese.
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"OASU's Western Pacific Detachment" - article from the Pax River TESTER datedMarch 19, 1966 discussing OASU Det WESTPAC operations and showing great shots inside and outside of Blue Eagle III.
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"The Fantastic Flight Of The Blue Eagle"- this article published in Electronics Illustrated, May 1966 is discusses individuals in the short wave listener community picking up Voice of the Blue Eagle test broadcasts that were performed in 1965 flying Blue Eagle I out of Andrews AFB. Despite the negative government tone, the article provides some interesting reading.

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"VC Attack, April 13 1966" - two pages from the Pax River TESTER dated May 20, 1966 detailing the first attack on Tan Son Nhut AB Saigon, the subsequent damage to all three of our aircraft on the flight line and the award of purple hearts to three OASU officers.
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"Two Ordinary Days In The Life Of The OASU Det WESTPAC Officers" - article written sometime in 1966 or 67 at the OASU Det offices. Never officially published, and certainly something that many would rather did not come to light, this article goes a long way to prove who did and who did not do the work at OASU Det WESTPAC. You don't need to accept the written words, the pictures tell everything.
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"Vietnamese Orphanage Assistance" - article from the OASU Times, dated Nov 1, 1966 discussing the outstanding assistance to a Vietnamese Orphange provided by crew members of OASU Det WESTPAC and OASU wives back at Pax River.
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"OASU Moves Operations Into The Delta Region" - three page article from the Pax River TESTER dated Jan 9, 1967 talking about moving broadcast operations into the delta region of South Vietnam in Oct 66. Article includes great shot of Chiefs Naylor and Smithers at the TV control colsole. Additional information included about OASU wives helping Vietnam War orphans and showing Blue Eagle crew returning back to Pax River.
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"Project Jenny - The Navy's Blue Eagle Television Network" - seven page article written by LTJG Dick Rollins and published in Naval Research Reviews, Feb 1967. This is probably the most complete article available on Project Jenny and it contains some great photos inside the Blue Eagle birds. Unfortunately, at present, the article is only available in Microsoft WORD format and must be downloaded to be viewed. The file is approximately 1.1 megs in length and will download quite quickly.
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"From OASU Det WESTPAC" - article from the OASU Times dated May 1, 1967 discussing the goings on in the life of the WESTPAC crews.
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  "Television On The Wing" - four page article published in TV Guide, Feb 11,1967,contains great photos and info
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