This is a shot looking towards the "Saddle" you can see the row of bunkers that looked down into the valley between both sides. You can see all the radio antennas. The VC kept climbing up and cutting the wires between the bunkers and there wasn't a very good field of fire so it was decided to clear the trees in the valley. This took several weeks and the engineers used Det-Cord to bring down the trees. This was like a triple canopy jungle between the two halves of the mountain and there were panthers and other wild animals down there. One of the panthers were stalking the engineers so they started carrying their weapons. On the second day as one of the engineers was getting ready to wrap Det-cord around a tree ground around the tree started to move. There was a 12 foot Boa Constrictor under the leaves, the engineers killed the snake and brought him up to the top of the mountain. It was huge. The Vietnamese cooks skinned it and cooked it for lunch.